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Chilo is about family. Starting in 2015 in the heart of Santa Ana California, the brand got it's name from the hispanic street skaters grinding outside the shop. "Chilo" is hispanic slang for "sick or cool". 


The Chilo family is stoked on people with passion. 


I have passion. You have passion. Maybe you're passionate about sports, or music. Or maybe about business, or art, or school, your favorite foods, or favorite places or maybe everything in between. Chances are you are passionate about your family and friends. 


As a Chilo family, we're passionate about people. We're passionate about you. And our clothes are one way we bring people together. Our chilo team members bring our brand out to the streets, to meet people, like you. 


It's all about engaging with people, face to face, finding out what makes them who they are, and sharing who we are. That is life. Life is made up of unique and complex people and making meaningful connections. This is why we say that Chilo is about family.


When you're part of the Chilo family, wherever you are in the world, when you see someone else in Chilo, you have a connection. You're both part of the family. Chilo has expanded way beyond it's latino roots, and Chilo family members rocking our clothes can now be spotted in the US, Japan, Middle East, and in Europe. The family is growing, and we'd love for you to join!

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